primary tmt jsw 500 d 25mm

Price : 3066 (Per piece)

Price :2759 (Per piece)
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min quantity : 2

max quantity : 10000

unit : piece

size : 25 mm

1 bundle : 2 pieces

weight_per_piece : 48.33 Kg

weight_per_bundle : 95-96 Kg

standard_length : 12 mm/ 40 feet

display unit : Pcs

Highest level of purity Manufactured from iron ore, JSW Neosteel TMT bars have the highest grade of purity and lowest sulphur and phosphorous content, making it strong. The Blast Furnace-LD Steel making- Ladle refining- Continuous casting of billets ensures the desired mechanical properties with minimum tramp elements. The sulphur and phosphorous content is restricted to 0.005% to 0.035%. This ensures good weldeability The extensive metallurgical operations followed by state of the art refining technologies which result in uniform chemical composition also ensure uniform physical properties that enhance strength, ductility and elongation of steel
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