secondary tmt shaktiman 10mm

Price : 512 (Per piece)

Price :460 (Per piece)
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min quantity : 12

max quantity : 10000

unit : piece

size : 10 mm

1 bundle : 100 kg (approx)

With their tough outer surface and soft core, Rathi TMT Steel Bars have outstanding bendability, which makes the work at construction sites easy and safe. Due to controlled carbon and manganese, these bars derive excellent weldability. Rathi TMT Steel Bars are water-quenched and not cold twisted. They have excellent corrosion resistance properties compared to cold-twisted bars. The unique combination of high strength and exceptional ductility, with high fatigue strength, make them highly earthquake resistant. These bars have a unique rib pattern which helps to form better bonding with cement. Rathi TMT bars have passed quality tests from various major testing institutes across the country.
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