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Duraguard Microfiber Duraguard Microfiber is a recently propelled, cutting edge bond; involving fiber innovation, which results in structures with high quality, clammy obstruction and insignificant breaks. It is a PPC variation with a distinction, It has the highlights of Duraguard upgraded with a one of a kind Microfibre innovation, which is an unmistakable differentiator. Fiber is generally utilized for reinforcing weaker materials. There are numerous everyday models, beginning from the accident head protectors, molecule sheets, baths, asbestos sheets, translucent plain and creased sheets, parcel sheets, plastic furniture's and so on. The nearness of microfibers go about as miniaturized scale strengthening operator in bond and diminish the improvement of small scale splits with in the solid/mortar/flawless concrete lattice. This outcomes in Surfaces with extensively lesser breaks. Enhances quality. Makes surfaces smoother. Decreased water permeation because of surfaces with lesser splits – the pathway for permeation. Renders structure progressively strong and support free. Areas OF APPLICATION It is splendidly suited for a plenty of development employments all around the structure. Regardless of whether it is building establishment or putting or rooftop throwing Duraguard Microfiber guarantees your development appreciates a top notch yield. Advantages Makes concrete impervious Keeps press poles from rusting Gives solid minimal bond particles Decreases between granular space with Microfibre Technology Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd. (in the past Lafarge India Limited) has been a piece of the Indian development scene since 1999; through its concrete business. We as of now have six bond and near sixty five prepared blend solid plants in India. We have a built up nearness over every single real city and towns in India. Our tasks crosswise over two business divisions are, Bonds Prepared Mix Concrete (RMX) and Aggregates Esteem included Products We put the client at the core of every one of our undertakings. Our Journey till Now 1999: Our antecedent organization was fused as a 100% backup of Lafarge SA France Starting activities propelled in eastern India Procurement of Tata Steel's Cement Business 2001-2006: Procurement of Raymond Ltd's Cement division in 2001 Dispatch of Concreto Cement in 2002 PPC1 process dispatched at Jojobera Cement Plant PPC2 process exchanged to Jojobera from Arasmeta Cement Plant 2007-2011: Plant up-degree and VRM establishment at Jojobera Cement Plant Mejia Cement Plant is authorized Sonadih Cement Plant Line 2 included Obtaining of L&T's prepared blend solid business Started supplies of prepared blend concrete for the Iconic Worid One Building in Mumbai, 2010 Conveyed prepared blend cement to the popular Akshardham Temple in Kolkata, 2011 2013-2014: Bond business extension in North India Infracem propelled for the institutional fragment Our standard Slag Cement relaunched as Lafarge PSC with quality like steel, lightest shading and alluring completion Duraguard Microfiber Cement propelled – first since forever Fiber Cement for upgraded quality, smoother surface complete and least surface splits Sacked the agreement to supply Agile-self merging cement to the notorious Nazrul Tirtha in Kolkata, 2013 Related as a prepared blend solid provider to the Jaipur Metro Railway venture in 2014 2015: Sonadih Railway Line Commissioning – empowering operational productivity and enhanced market availability Won the Noida Metro Railway venture as a favored solid provider 2016: East Grinding Unit, Clinker de-bottlenecking, improving generation abilities Following divestment from Lafarge Holcim, we turned into a piece of Nirma Limited 2017: Nuvoco Vistas Corp. Ltd., the new name of the organization, was enrolled. We keep on moving items under the brand names Concreto/Duraguard/PSC/Infracem Cement, ZeroM Water-Proofing Compound, Artiste, Agile, Steelibre, Polibre, Instante, Robuste, Xlite, Lente, Regletherme, Fluide, Easyfille and Instamix for a timeframe. Nuvoco packed away the agreement to supply cement to the esteemed Mumbai Metro Railway venture.
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