wires Vimal 6mm

Price : 3889

Price : 3500
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min quantity : 1

max quantity : 500

unit : bundle

size : 6 mm

brand_label : brand

color : black, yellow, red, green

packet capacity : 90 meters

size available : 90 mtr

display unit : Bundle

This FR PVC compound has high Insulation resistance and dielectric strength.This FR PVC has high oxygen and temperature index.These properties help in restricting the spread of fire, Insulation is applied over the conductor by the process of dual extrusion using state-of-the-art extrusion lines.The outer skin determines the colour identification while the inner layer is pure insulation, which provides extra protection.All wires are subjected to high voltage spark testing to make sure that there are no weak sports in the insulation.These ISI marked wires meet the requirements of IS 694 : 1990. They additionally offer flame Retardant (FR) properties. This means extra protection against electrical shocks, short circuits and fires.
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